Micro-Blading for Perfection & Permanence

Our eyebrows are the ‘frame’ for our eyes and lack of good brows leaves the face missing a vital component of beauty.  When pencils, powders, gels and stencils fail to correct the problem of skimpy brows, it’s time to try the long-lasting, natural-looking answer: Micro-blading.

Once under-the-radar, micro-blading has now been discovered as the go-to solution for scanty, sparse or non-visible eyebrows.  It is a form of tattoo as pigment is implanted under the skin. However, unlike regular tattoo placement that relies on a tattoo ‘gun’ placing pigment deep into the skin, microblading is more superficial and is accomplished using a hand-held tool.  This tool has a series of fine blades which deliver precise controlled pigment placement that mimics fine hairs.

The initial treatment takes an hour or two.  A brow plan is made and numbing cream is usually applied however, as Randali Centre is a medical facility, lidocaine can be injected for total relief of any discomfort.  During the process a scratching noise is heard as the featherweight strokes deposit the medical-grade ink.  Brows will appear up to 40% darker for the first 7 – 10 days.  A final ‘touch-up’ treatment is scheduled for six weeks later and it is following this treatment that the finished brows are revealed.

Aftercare is straight-forward: Avoid picking or exfoliating the area.  Avoid wearing make-up over the brows until healing is complete.  Use a sunblock daily.

Although this is “permanent make-up”, it does not last forever and the color will naturally fade with time.  Correction typically lasts for 12 – 18 months depending on skin type and how quickly your body metabolizes the ink.  It is recommended to stay ahead of the fading curve so ‘touch-ups’ are recommended every 6 months.


Beautiful Brows