Lip Blushing: A New Solution

As we know, rosy lips infer sensuality and are a beautiful aspect of the female face. However, as age brings wisdom it also robs us of lip color. And, if your birthday has slipped past the 40 marker, you might have noticed the need for much more frequent lipstick application.  (Unfortunately, this ‘fix’ lasts until the first drink of water or bite of food.). So, what is the alternative for ‘ghost lips’? Introducing Lip Blushing.

Before / After Lip Blushing

Just trending, Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent tattooing method designed to enhance the natural color and shape of your mouth. Using a method called pixelating, visually undetectable dots of pigment are deposited to line and shade the lips. The result? Lips with a more defined shape and with a color that looks as if it could be your own.

The method is straight-forward: Desired color is determined then the lips are cleansed and a strong numbing ointment is applied. Because lip mucosa is so porous, the anesthesia is extremely effective making the treatment pain-free. Treatment time is only about 30 minutes.

While there is no downtime, it takes about four to five days to heal completely during which time a healing lip balm is used.  The color typically appears more intense the first day or two after treatment then settles to your selected shade.  A touch-up can be done four – six weeks later if required. The final result is meant to be subtle (think along the lines of lash extensions or micro feathering) and last one to two years.

If pale, non-defined lips give your face an incomplete appearance, or you simply want to wake up with lip color in place, lip shading offers a great solution.