The Power of Plasma

The newest treatment being offered in the Aesthetics market is that utilizing a Plasma Pen.  Referred to by many as plasma fibroblasting, this treatment deservedly generates a lot of excitement because it employs a novel form of energy: the plasma arc.  Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is a gas-like material of ionized atoms. When ionized, the atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen atoms release energy (compare this to a lightning strike). This energy creates tiny wounds in the skin leading to increased collagen production and shrinking and tightening of the skin.

Be warned though, there are many Plasma Pens on the market now and not all are created equal.  Problems have been encountered with cheap models and untrained providers.  At the Randali Centre, we have undergone extensive training and use the Plasma Elite™ device. It is a safe, CE compliant device that delivers a consistent controlled plasma arc.  It is manufactured in Great Britain and we believe it to be the best device on the market.

Treatment Areas


Indications for Plasma treatment are fine lines and wrinkles, deep smoker’s lines above the lip and skin laxity the sides-of-the-face and neck.  Perhaps the most exciting area to treat is laxity of the upper and lower eyelids. Treatment here has been compared to a non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Due to the fine precision of the Plasma Elite™ pen tip, treatment is accurate and controlled and can be easily delivered to difficult-to-treat, small confined areas of the face.

Laxity Under Eyes


The procedure consists of cleansing the treatment area and applying a numbing cream.  At the Randali Centre, we use Betacaine, a cream specially compounded for us.  If needed, we also administer ProNox for further control of discomfort; thusly, the actual treatment is very tolerable. Treatment time may be as little as ten minutes to forty-five minutes depending on the area size.  Following treatment, a healing nectar will be applied, and a kit (cleanser, nectar and sun block) will be given to the patient for home use.  Expect mild sunburn-like sensation of a few hours’ duration as well as redness and slight swelling for 2 – 3 days. Formation of ‘tiny crusts’ which flake off in 4 – 5 days, also occurs. This is all part of the normal healing process and full healing ensues within 5 – 7 days.

Plasma Elite treatments can be rendered:

  • Six weeks after laser resurfacing, chemical peel or micro-needling.
  • Three weeks after injections with fillers or Botox.
  • Two weeks after discontinuation of Tretinoin, retinol and glycolic acid products.
  • Only to light-skinned individuals.  Treatment of olive, brown or black skin is contraindicated due to probable hyperpigmentation.

Restrictions post-treatment include:

  • First 48 hours – No make-up, sauna, steam shower or vigorous exercise.
  • First Week – No swimming.  No skin care containing retinols or glycolic acid.
  • No rubbing of treated skin.  Crusts need to slough naturally.
  • Daily use of sun block.
Treatment of Lid Laxity
Smoker’s Lines
Cheek Laxity

If lines, wrinkles or skin laxity distress you, consider trying the newest, non-invasive treatment with the best Plasma pen – the Plasma Elite™.