Laser Hair Removal in Lancaster, PA

Many clients in the Lancaster, Harrisburg and York communities trust the Randali Centre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to provide a sensitive and caring environment and the highest level of professional care when dealing with personal appearance issues such as hair removal.

With aging, the distribution of hair can change. Many men experience increased hair growth on the ears, in the nose, back, or upper arms. Women can also experience increased growth of facial hair growth on the upper lip and chin.  For centuries women have removed hair from their legs and underarms and now that the trend is smooth, hair-free skin,  many women are removing hair in the bikini area.  Not uncommonly many men are removing hair to this area as well as that of the chest.  Unsurprisingly, hair on a man’s back is never welcome.

Soprano Laser – SHR Mode: Comfortable and Fast!


Plucking, shaving, waxing, and electrolysis were the only solutions available for hair removal until the advent of the laser. Laser Hair Removal (also known as photoepilation) targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicle during its active growth phase (anagen). Because hair may be in any of its three growth phases at the same time and only the hairs in the active phase are responsive to laser, more than one treatment is always required.

The Soprano XL 810 Diode Laser – Super Hair Removal (SHR)

Traditional hair removal lasers work by delivering short burst of intense light energy to the melanin rich follicles. This can be uncomfortable, so here at Randali Centre, we use the Zimmer Chiller during treatment. The cold air of the chiller decreases the small chance of a skin burn and makes the rubber-band-snap of the laser much more tolerable.

The “gold standard” laser for hair removal has always been the 810 Diode laser, but the advanced technology of the Soprano offers another novel mode: the super hair removal mode (SHR). This mode differs dramatically.  Instead of targeting the follicle with short bursts of high energy, the follicles are heated gradually so treatment is virtually painless.  Pulse repetition is very rapid (10 per second) so treatment is fast! A man’s back can be treated in about 30 minutes. No chilling is required, and even tanned skin can be treated.

Prior to treatment with the laser, the area must be shaved. The size of the  area to be treated will determine the length of treatment time. With the laser in SHR mode, treatment is normally rapid. Several days following laser treatment, hairs in the treated area usually “fall out”. Timing of repeat treatment is determined by body area, as hair growth is different in different areas. Typically treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Sun avoidance is mandatory before and after treatment.

We are Competetive with our New Pricing:


Men’s Full Back

Men’s Half Back

Men’s Chest

Men’s Abdomen

Men’s Arms

Men’s Full Beard

Men’s Ears

Men’s Brazilian



Ladie’s Full Face




Chin /Jaw Line

Neck & Face

Neck (Ant or Post)



Axilla (under arms)



Belly Line

Bikini Line

Brazilian Bikini


Legs (full)

Legs (lower)




































“Dr. Cohen is simply one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen in my life. Her manner is friendly, professional and compassionate.
I’ve had great results with laser hair removal. I’ve had my lower legs done and I haven’t shaved in over a year! It saves me so much time and energy not having to worry about shaving or changing a planned outfit because I forgot to shave my legs.
I’m not only thrilled with the results but I genuinely look forward to the time I spend with Dr. Cohen. She is not only a excellent doctor but an exceptional person as well.”

~ Sarah D. in Lancaster

“Not having to shave my face has changed my life! I loved it! The results are even better than I’d thought. I’m going to do my legs.”

~ Mary K.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the laser treatments. My facial hair reduction has decreased at least 90%. You made me feel beautiful on the inside and outside again. My self-esteem has also improved. Thank you so much. Let me also let you know that you are a genuine, kind, caring person. It has been a pleasure to get to know you. You have changed my life so much. Thank you again.”

~ Penny H.