With her 21 years of experience and her knowledge of the newest techniques and cutting-edge procedures, Dr. Cohen provides an exclusive service missing in most medical spas: The Image Analysis.

Television, newspapers and magazines bombard us daily with the latest, greatest procedure or product to improve our appearance. This leaves most of us wondering how to begin and what to choose. The Image Analysis, a service unique to Randali Centre, allows you to answer the question: “What’s right for me?”

The path to beauty begins with understanding the process of facial aging. The Image Analysis is a sixty-minute consultation in which you are encouraged to express your image concerns and ask questions about which procedures or products would be of most benefit to you. Dr. Cohen will then do a thorough evaluation with special attention to the area you would most like enhanced. She will educate you about your options and offer recommendations to best address your needs. There is no obligation, nor is there any pressure – just a wealth of information. Our goal is to give you a well-developed “plan of action” to help you look as young as you feel and to converge the image you have of self with that which is reflected in your mirror.