Just For Men


Men and women are different and so is their facial shape and facial structures: Men have a squarer face, larger forehead, flatter cheeks, and a more angled and larger jaw. Their facial muscle mass and subcutaneous tissue is heavier, skin is thicker and oilier and blood vessel density is greater than that found in females; these variances need to be acknowledged when rendering aesthetic treatments. While it is still true that females are the greatest consumers, the number of males seeking cosmetic enhancement has increased enormously in the past 15 years and up to 20% of aesthetic procedures now performed are on men. Social media and social acceptance, knowledge of a colleague having had a treatment and an ever-more competitive workplace may all contribute to this upward trend. And at a very basic level, you might say that being attractive is ‘in the genes’: From an evolutionary standpoint, appearing healthy, strong and attractive increases a males’ chance of finding a mate for procreation.

The most popular aesthetic therapies for males? Botox injections are worldwide the number one cosmetic procedure for both men and women and Botox is also the common starting point which men enter aesthetic medicine. Next of interest are facial fillers, hair removal, hair restoration, treatment of double chin, the ‘P’ (Priapus) Shot and basic skin care.

Whatever the motive may be, if you are male and you are considering aesthetic enhancement know that you will be joining an ever-expanding troupe of men seeking to keep their edge.