OK, you’re treating your expression lines with Botox, using Facial Injectionsgreat skin care products and have smooth line-free skin but something still seems ‘off’. Chances are the missing ingredient is facial volume. In particular – cheek volume. The ‘apples’ of our cheeks are very important in maintaining a smoothly contoured, youthful appearance. Like so many things though, they are usually not appreciated until they are ‘missing’. Until now.

Juvederm Voluma Filler

New to the armamentarium of facial fillers, Allergan has recently introduced Juvederm Voluma. This heavy-duty Hyaluronic Acid was FDA was approved in October 2013 and Allergan is currently running a huge ad campaign to launch this unique filler. What makes Voluma so unique is where it’s used. This filler is designed to be used in the cheeks. With age, we tend to lose the fullness in the cheek area. What results is an angular, gaunt appearance. This is addressed with facial fillers.

In the case of the cheeks, the added bonus is that in restoring cheek volume, other facial areas are positively affected. Flat cheeks are partially responsible for the nasolabial folds (lines from our nose to mouth) that we so easily identify and usually despise. Adding lost volume to the cheeks lifts the fold area minimizing and possibly correcting the problem.

Voluma Filler Before and After Photos

Voluma Filler Before and After

Cheek volume also restores the curvature to the third dimension of our face. We normally only see this dimension in profile but is not any less important than the side-to-side and up and down dimensions that we recognize in the mirror.

Instant Cheek Lift – Without Surgery

When I identify cheek flatness in consultation, instant face liftpatients often have difficulty understanding the concept. They have no problem however, in appreciating what correction of this area does for their overall appearance! They are uniformly pleased and happy to regain their youthful look.
If you’re looking in the mirror and thinking “something’s missing”, it may be time to restore the apples to your cheeks. And we can do this – in under 30 minutes – with Juvederm Voluma. Full correction may last two years. Call for a consultation today.