When February rolls around, most of us think about Valentine’s Day and love. Get Fuller Lips with RestylaneAnd when we think about love, we think about kissing.  Having a sexy mouth that invites kisses is highly prized.  Unfortunately many of us are less than happy with what Mother Nature has given us. And for those lucky enough to be blessed with beautiful full lips, Father Time will rob us of this birthright.  For as we age, our lips tend to involute and lose volume.  The manifestation of this is thinned lips and those dreaded lip lines.

Restylane for Lips

Good news has arrived this month!  We now have a new filler that is solely indicated Lip injections with Restylane Silkfor adding lip volume and correcting lip lines.  If you want to get fuller lips, let us introduce you to Restylane Silk.  What makes this new filler optimum for lip augmentation is its smooth consistency.  The correction is very natural-looking and the feel is soft and pillowy allowing the lips to move in a natural way: There is no stiffness or lumpiness with this product.

How Long Does Restylane Last?

Treatment with Restylane Silk is quick and easy; an anesthetic cream How Long Does Restylane Lastis applied to the area and when numb, the product is injected with a tiny needle.  The risk of bruising and lip swelling is minimal and very short-lived (2–3 days).  As with Juvederm lip swelling, ice and Arnica can help minimize these occurrences even further.  Improvement is immediately appreciated.  The longevity of the correction is dependent upon the amount of movement and stress to the area.  Since our mouths are in constant motion, correction usually lasts about 6 months.  However, we do see this longevity increased after repeated augmentations.

Cost of Lip Injections?

The cost of this procedure has many variables.  I have never seen the same set of lips and therefore, without inspecting the lips, it is difficult to know if lip injections with Restylane Silk will be required.  Some patients may only need a small amount for lip re-shaping while others may need much more volume to achieve the ‘look’ they are seeking.   Our costs are based upon the amount of filler used. Costs vary but a syringe of Restylane Silk is about $650 – $700.

Remember, in a beautiful face, the focus is the eyes and a well- formed mouth.  These indicate sensuality and youth and are visually appealing. Fuller Lips for KissingIf Mother Nature has left you with less than you’d like, Restylane Silk gives you the option to optimize one of your most important facial features.  Let us help you this Valentine’s Day — – we have Cupids helper…

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