Skin Care for Men

It is true that men’s skin ages better than their female counterparts. There are several reasons for this difference so envied by the fairer sex: Male skin is thicker with more sebaceous (oil) glands, more vascular, exfoliated more routinely (shaving) and lastly, not subject to the hormonal rollercoaster that so afflicts females.

However, having this advantage does not confer immunity from aging and sun damage. Good skin care should be part of every man’s armamentarium of self-maintenance, but it need not be complicated – most men are unwilling to spend much time layering products on their skin.

The most important component is protection from the UV damage of the sun. In addition to sun block a topical antioxidant is a must for prevention of free radicals that are so damaging. Added to this should be a retinoid/retinol medical-grade cream to help keep cellular functions up-regulated (production of collagen and elastin, exfoliation, and moisture preservation). A moisturizer is also necessary for skin stressed by the elements (heat, dryness, and wind).

No matter your age, good skin care is essential for skin health and youthfulness in men as well as women.