Because of constant use, our hands are assaulted on a daily basis: They are exposed to hot and icy water, chemicals, dirt and weather. They are used for lifting, pulling and gripping. Unfortunately, all too often their care is ignored. Due to this wear and neglect, they tend to show age prematurely and are our most age-telling feature.

The first sign of hand aging is seen in the skin. Thin by nature and in excess (to allow for wrist and finger movement), further thinning and decreased elasticity manifest in a loose, crepe-paper appearance. Adding to this, the skin starts displaying discolorations and brown age spots unflatteringly described as ‘liver spots’. The normal fat underneath the skin gradually diminishes, tendons and joints become visible and veins begin to protrude. Neither exquisite jewelry nor beautiful manicures can detract from this unattractive appearance nor do aged hands display these at their best. Many women have found this very distressing and worse yet, untreatable.

Radiesse Filler for the Hands

However, with the new FDA indication of Radiesse (for hand augmentation), we are now able to correct these inevitable changes.

Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite), a synthetic bone-like substance, gained its first FDA approval for medical purposes in 2001. In 2006, it was approved for Aesthetic applications. It has long been used for volumizing cheeks, chin and temples. It is perfect for hand augmentation because it very effectively provides heavy-duty lift and collagen induction, thereby restoring fullness while concealing veins and tendons.radiesse-hands-before-after

Is Cosmetic Hand Surgery Obsolete?

Treatments are virtually quick, painless and require no downtime. Results are immediately appreciated! Correction usually last about 12 to 18 months. Most common after-effects are minor swelling, redness and possible bruising but these usually resolve in about a week.

Hand Rejuvenation That Treats Volume & Discolorations

At the Randali Centre, we go a step further with hand rejuvenation and address skin roughness, fine lines and discolorations by resurfacing the skin with a fractional laser. This is also quick and pain-free. Skin healing takes place in 24 hours however, swelling and redness may last for 2 to 3 days.

beautiful-handsYouthful, beautiful hands can now be restored and they are within reach. Radiesse hand augmentation – it’s long over-due but finally possible!

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