Combining Art and Science

Dr. Alice Cohen


2207 Oregon Pike
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“As a physician, I’ve always been drawn to the specialized practice of caring for the skin. I see each person’s skin as their canvas. A great work of art can only be achieved when you begin with the best canvas possible”

-Dr. Alice Cohen

Randali Centre

Dr. Alice Cohen is your expert in Aesthetic Medicine. In 2000, she left her practice of family medicine and has since been dedicated to providing non-surgical aesthetic services. While many other physicians have entered the field as full or part-time practitioners, few will match Dr. Cohen’s 20+ years of experience. Whether she administers Botox, treats with a laser or makes use of the many indications for PRP, you can trust her extensive knowledge about the process of facial aging and her ability to help ameliorate the unwanted consequences.

Dr. Cohen will carefully walk you through all of the steps involved of whichever aesthetic treatment you choose. She will insure your comfort and confidence as you seek to improve your appearance with the latest non-surgical scientific breakthrough and cutting- edge techniques. Gratified to help you gain the ability to redirect the aging process, she is pleased to make non-invasive aesthetic medical services available for those wanting to reap the physical and psychological benefits of authentic-looking image enhancement.